Fixing three common issues on websites - Number 2: DATA

Don't ignore the DATA.

What we typically see happen is the website is probably using Analytical software such as Google Analytics and comparing last month’s traffic to this months to see if the site has gained any visitors. 
It’s always the same you hit the audience tab go to overview and compare the data to make sure your website hasn’t taken a nosedive in traffic but ask yourself other than your own peace of mind what do you gain from this? Nothing. Google analytics is NOT there just to provide you with fancy traffic charts every month to show you that your New Users are up, or your Bounce Rate is down, It goes much deeper. 
Using the data that you are collecting from your site is invaluable, it provides history books for you to be able to learn from and guides how you could and should be making changes to your website. Ignore the data and you’ll get left behind by your competition. 
Analytical software is there to provide you with waypoints on how to make your website better.
If you know where to look your analytics provides you with a handy list of everything that is wrong with your website. A couple of examples is that it allows you to do is identify what pages may have issues and what pages are ranking but could be improved. 
Just by taking this little snippet of data you will be able to fix pages with issues and enhance the pages that have potential to competitively rank within the search results.
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