Fixing three common issues on websites - Number 3: SPEED

If your website is not swift you will lose customers. Even a one-second delay in the load time of a page on your website can have a substantial impact on how many visitors convert from visitors to customers.
From a user experience perspective its simple, it’s just annoying when you hit a slow website, the human attention is already short and becomes ultra-short when using the internet.


There are studies that reveal 40% of people quit a site if it takes longer than three seconds to load.


So you can calculate that for yourself, if your website is taking longer than three seconds to load and you are losing 40% of traffic, what would it mean to your business if this 40% stayed on your website?

Whilst Google has stated that the website owners should not be so concerned with speed that it should not compromise with content or quality, it IS still a factor that Google will consider fast loading content a positive factor.
It’s just not worth the risk, you have a good business, good product or service and all of this is being let down by the speed of the website when it can be fixed.
What now then? One of the first things you can do is run your URL through Google PageSpeed Insights. It’s a quick look but  will give you a good idea how your website currently stacks up and point to any immediate problems you need to look at.
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