Implement an automated strategy of email communications, and you’ll be running an effective sales and service stream in the background of your business.

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Working hard serving your business from back of house.

As a business you’ll always be looking for ways to streamline your operation and reduce time-intensive activities.

Emails remain as one of the strongest methods of supporting the growth of every business and adopting a structure of email automation is an invaluable tool.  Automation can be adapted to suit all businesses and at any stage of their journey.

By automating the process of your sales and customer service emails, your business will be ensuring a consistent level of service, delivering emails to contacts and customers based on their interactions with your company.

How Automation works.

Automation is a method of triggering emails to be sent automatically to a contact who has interacted with your company, perhaps signing up for a newsletter, purchasing a product or service, requesting details and so on.

By setting up a structure of rules and logic, relevant emails are sent at the right times, to the right contact.

Automation, or Automated Emails is also essentially a ‘Email Funnel Model’, or ‘Email Funnel Strategy’, in that it delivers emails to contacts based on their stage of a journey with you. If a contact has ‘done this’, then ‘this email’ is sent, when the contact then ‘does this’, then ‘this other email is sent’.

Essentially, Automation is a hard-working sales and customer service agent, it provides a contact, client, and customer with information relevant to them, it can deliver products and services that they will be interested in, send rewards to a special group of clients, issue notifications, requests, offers, new product or service details, and effectively become an incredibly cost-effective and dependable sales and customer service tool for your business.


Automated emails
structured just for you.

Effective automation is not a one-size-fits-all strategy. Each of your customers and clients require different needs at different times during their interactions with your company. 

We discuss with you the various aspects of what you do and exactly how Bespoke Automation can be deployed specifically for your business, automation which works to the logic and rules of your company.

Whether your business has used Automation before, or it’s the first time, you can be assured that we deploy a simple to adopt, easy-to-use Automation that will consistently deliver results for your business.

Automation for B2B companies.

Deliver consistent customer service in support of your own ‘hands on’ customer service with an automated email strategy, this may include:

  • Issue valued repeat clients with rewards.
  • Increase the reviews you receive for your business with effective review requests.
  • Inform clients about new services that are relevant to them.
  • Reach out to previous clients who have not engaged in your services for a while.
  • Encourage the enquiries you receive from prospective clients to take the next step and convert prospects into clients.
  • Stay relevant and keep your existing clients on board with emails that reinforce why they used you in the first place.

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Save time.
Sell more.

Automation for e-commerce businesses.

When Sharp Automation is implemented with a Site Sharp e-commerce website, your business can unlock the full potential of Automation and deliver an incredibly effective background strategy which combines Customer Service, Sales and After Sales.

It is because we take the time to understand your needs and advise and help you build the perfect Automation strategy for your business; we can deliver a more effective email automation than simply adopting a one-size-fits-all service.

E-commerce Automation can include:

  • Generate reviews with automated review request emails.
  • Issue ‘unfinished basket’ emails and encourage returns to complete.
  • Encourage repeat sales with details of similar purchased products.
  • Bring back previous customers with offers and incentives.
  • Issue order notifications, dispatch details and delivery details.
  • Recognise your repeat customers and deliver rewards.

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