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Fully Bespoke Business Systems

We design, develop, and deploy bespoke web-based business applications for organisations who require solutions specific to their operational requirements.

Accessible from a secure HTTPS connection, bespoke web-based business applications provide a business team with the exact resources they require to perform aspects of the business with super efficiency.


Now you really can work together.

Data access and sharing with a web-based application is seamless as again everything is stored centrally so your business team can truly work together, regardless of location.

Accessibility to a web-based application can also be locked down to IP location too if required.

With the data being held centrally, it is more secure than being held across multiple devices unlike software applications which are stored on many devices.

Specific hurdles and obstacles, require specific solutions.

Bespoke Web-based Applications provides your business with a powerful resource deployed specifically for your business.

Able to maximise any part of a business’s operation, a system reduces workload, reduces operational costs, and takes out the guess work and human error.

Through a bespoke solution true collaborative working can be reached with superior flexibility. Bespoke systems offer a greater return on the cost of investment with its lower cost to develop and maintain versus software equivalents.

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Work Showcase


Autosmart leads the field as the UK and Ireland’s largest manufacturer and distributor of professional vehicle cleaning products for trade customers. No other company has such capacity and expertise. Our system allows us to help Autosmart to deliver over 50,000 orders a year, with over 150 franchisees.

We built and maintain an 10 year old bespoke online ordering system, that is continuously growing and changing to suit evolving business needs. Thousands of users can log in to a secure, cloud-based order portal, allowing them to easily order products with real-time budgets. The system also gives Autosmart powerful management tools, integrates with external accountacy software and other bespoke platforms.



Orders in 12 months

Work Showcase

Flood Risk Checker

Utilising raw open-source data from the Environment Agency, we developed a complete UK Flood Risk Checker which mapped flood data onto Google maps and allowed visitors to search for the flood risk of an area or postcode.

The bespoke-built system provided the client with the ability to offer visitors to their website to visually see on a map the tiered risk for their search location and all through the visitor’s browser without leaving their website. It also offered the visitor using the flood risk checker with further advice options following their search, so the visitor could reach out, enquire about the flood defence services, and directly purchase the flood defence products offered by our client.

The fully browser-based system also provided our client with a valuable anonymised set of search location data which we provided to them in reports, the client were able to utilise this for decision making for their marketing activities and National mobile Flood Advisory activities.

Semi-Bespoke Business Systems

We have also developed our own wide scope of proven and powerful business systems, bespoke and ready for configuration. So how do our ready to go Semi-Bespoke Systems differ from off-the-shelf’? Surely that’s the same thing?

Not so, our Semi-Bespoke Systems are all built by us, and these differ from off-the-shelf, as they can actually be limitlessly configured and developed to your exacting business requirements. The modifications are carried out by us, this is unlike off-the-shelf as there are often limitations to customisation plus it typically entails commissioning consultants to customise a system within the limitations of their knowledge of the system, which has been designed and developed by a different company.

Ready to go bespoke offers an incredibly cost-effective solution deployed precisely for your business and without additional costs of starting from scratch.


What is Semi-Bespoke?

Cost-effective solutions limitlessly and precisely configured for your business, without additional costs if starting from scratch.

A system which grows with your company, and you don’t have to keep replacing every five minutes.

The system can grow and adapt as your business grows and changes without your business having to reinvest all over again to a brand-new system and all the unnecessary migration costs.

We can provide your business with a bespoke Web-based application developed by us and available with limitless customisation, these include:

  • Email campaign creation, management sending and recipient interaction reports system
  • Email automation system to manage client/customer marketing and sakes emails
  • Website content management system (CMS)
  • Recruitment system managing job vacancies and applications
  • Internal team file sharing and storage system
  • Client and customer file sharing system with email ‘paywall’ or secure payment paywall access
  • Stock control and management systems
  • Centralised inventory ordering system for businesses with multiple locations or franchises
  • E-commerce system
  • Weblink landing page for multiple links to social accounts and websites with statistic reporting.
  • File streaming system - deliver music / video content via registered or subscribed accounts
  • Shareholder relations system

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