Hitting the mark with crown green bowler.

With two bricks and mortar locations in the West Midlands, Crown Green Bowler (CGB) have been a specialist supplier of quality bowls to the public for over 20 years.

They offer an extensive range of Indoor Bowls and Crown Green Bowls alongside a range of bowl refurbishments, including re-polishing and rebuffing used bowls and testing and adjustments.

How we worked together

What was identified

CGB approached us as their current website wasn’t quite hitting the mark and they required more control over their content than their off-the-shelf website was providing.

With an inventory of more than 5,000 products, it was becoming time consuming to manage and it was clear from our first audit that much could be done to restructure and improve not only how the website could be administered, but also how effective it could be ranking on search engines.

We developed a fully bespoke, 100% technically fit site with a Content Management System allowing their internal team to manage their range of products that was quick and easy.

Reaching goals with solutions   

  • Data Migration from Magento to Bespoke
  • 5,000 product variations imported.
  • System to administer the website, products and orders.
  • Fully bespoke website design tailored to CGB.
  • Fully bespoke ecommerce website development.
  • Setup of all pages ready for launch
  • 100% Technically fit website for launch
  • Integrated checkout to secure payment gateway
  • Graphic design assistance for images

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