Bright results for a colourful company

Incube are on a colourful mission to ensure that school libraries throughout the country are fun and inspiring places for children.

Their furniture is all designed and manufactured in their premises in Staffordshire too, which is just so refreshing.

We were very pleased when Simon and Liz - who head up Incube – initially commissioned us to design their brand many years ago and we relished the challenge when they approached us again to talk about their website.

They had a clear vision what they wanted from their website, and it was important that all the options for their extensive range of products could be shown (their products can be customised by the schools).

This left them struggling to find anything off-the-shelf that would fit and as they too build bespoke, they know only too well the virtues of tailor-made, so they picked up the phone and called us in again.

What has been achieved so far?

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Website Orders

Results shown are a direct comparison between 2021 and 2022.

How we worked together

What was identified

Incube have a team in-house so they do have the skills and resources to manage their own site on an ongoing basis, with this in mind it was important that we delivered the website with a bespoke Content Management System (CMS) that would enable them to do anything they would need.

They can now easily create products with lots of different variations including type, colours, sizes, extras, and fabric options.

As the company has grown so has the website and we’ve adapted the site to suit their growth areas and continue to do so.

Reaching goals with solutions   

  • Ongoing SEO Growth Plan
  • Optimising the website content
  • Fully bespoke website
  • Fully bespoke ecommerce development
  • 100% technically fit website
  • 7,000 product variations
  • Email marketing platform
  • Graphic Design

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