Fixing three common issues on websites - Number 1: COPY

Your site may have a lot of copy, perhaps even copy that makes a whole bunch of sense and is insightful, however if you’re copy is not hitting keywords nobody will find your website.

Example: Let’s imagine a web page about ‘Mother’s Day Flowers’. Now the page talks about the flowers reasonably well yet at no point does the keyword ‘Gift’ appear, it wasn’t included but it’s presumed that search engines would know that the page is on about gifts as it was targeting ‘Mother’s Day Flowers’.
Not so, and when potential customers searched for Mother’s Day Gifts, the page does not rank. Search engines need to be told that this page is about Gifts.
It’s common sense yes, but all too easy to overlook when writing content.
When you write content, stop and think about what you are saying and how you are saying it. Quality content, word count, keywords, these all matter, yet only focussing on one of these elements will mean that the website is not working for you as hard as it could be.
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