What do millennials do 144 times a day?

If this headline didn't grabbed your attention within four seconds, you probably wont read the rest.

So, what do millennials do 144 times a day? No, come on, get out of the gutter, no-ones got that much energy. Millennials go to their smartphone every eight and a half minutes (based on a 16-hour day), basically 144 times a day.

With so much content being consumed on mobile devices, it’s worth pausing and reviewing your online assets to see if you can improve how your content is being served up.

This is not just about being ‘mobile friendly’ with a site that is responsive. Most organisations years ago went about ensuring that their websites were accessible from any device and many continue to work with their developers to improve their mobile and desktop speed scores, yet they ignore the layout of their content which still favours the desktop and maybe working against them for their mobile user audience.


Recently legendary newspaper designer Mario Garcia, who has worked with the likes of The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post and Die Zeit was interviewed on Monocle magazines radio show. Mario spoke about how news and media outlets in particular need to adopt their output to the smallest canvas, the mobile device. During the interview, (which you can listen to on the Monocle website, Mario stated that he is also often called upon by corporate clients such as JetBlue and Facebook (40% of his clients are now in the corporate sector) so that they too can make sure their teams understand the importance of delivering content to mobile first.

Mario also talks about the four elements of design, how you tell the story, the typography, the grid and the colour palette. The headline plays a major role on mobile, it needs to be very carefully thought about, as unlike on a desktop where the user can also often see what the article may be about, on a smaller canvas the headline has to state exactly what is coming and ensure the user scrolls down to read more.

Remember, four seconds. Take some time out to review your website and consider if you could enhance your output for mobile.

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Mario Garcia’s latest book ‘The Story’, is now available for the Kindle (obviously!)

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