Do you know what you want from SEO?


If you hire a sales person, you pay them a salary and have calculated what you need them to deliver by way of sales each month.

SEO is no different. If you pay for an SEO service, you must know what you expect in return.

Regardless of whether you are currently running an SEO plan with a provider, operate a strategy internally, or perhaps have never embarked on an SEO initiative, you must stop and ask the question.

What do I want from my SEO plan?

The answers are typically ‘more sales’ and ‘more enquiries’. 

That’s not enough, you need to interrogate yourself further, exactly what are those numbers? How much from sales? How many enquiries do you need? 

Once you know these answers, it’s simple to work out how much you can - and are willing to - spend to reach those increased numbers.

With these targets set, SEO is very easily measured, you know clearly what you expect to receive in return for your SEO spend.

No SEO plan can ever truly be effective or running optimally, if what is supposed to be achieved is never fully understood by everyone involved.

Why less can be mean more

Let’s take a quick look at a fictitious example on ‘general enquiries’ and why less, can mean more.

Let’s assume for every 10 enquiries the website receives, the company typically converts one into a sale, plus for the sake of this example, let’s assume that for every 100 visitors to the site, two make an enquiry.

It could be said, that to increase sales from 10 a day to 20, the enquiries need to increase by 100% to reach a minimum of 200 enquiries per day (10k visitors per day).

That may be so, however that is assuming that the website and all accompanying activities are already working at their hardest to attract the ‘right kind’ of enquiries.

In all likelihood they probably aren’t, and by changing how enquiries are obtained and ensuring that enquiries are more relevant, the conversion rate could possibly be increased. A professional SEO strategy will spot this.

It’s not always about more traffic, it’s about the right kind of traffic.

Don’t blindly reach out for higher rates of visitor numbers. A carefully considered strategy which operates a ‘Review, Action, Measure and Repeat’ methodology will provide better returns.

More understanding, more results

Efforts should always be focussed on sharpening the view and understanding of the end customer, This will help you present your business in front of customers most likely to engage with you. 

Companies such as Instagram are grand masters of this methodology and their entire business is based upon it.

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