Why your website should be like home made bread.


Shop bought loaves are easy, pop into the supermarket, or order online, from a choice of many, yet similar tasting products and think nothing of it, right?

But is this what our bodies really need? Are the additives, preservatives and chemicals causing more damage than good? We could instead bake our own bread, from the ingredients of our own choosing, crafted to our exacting tastes, without any additions we don’t want or need.

Now, we’re not here to bestow on you the benefits of home-made bread (although if you’re not currently baking or buying home-made bread, you should), but why do a large majority of us continue to buy processed bread? Convenience? Cost? And just what has this got to do with websites anyway?

With the advent of bread making machines, crafting bread has never been easier and that means the cost of doing so has been reduced. Machine tech has taken away much of the elbow grease, and whilst it does take a few hours for the perfect loaf to emerge, we can enjoy something specific to us, and at a cost that is lower than expected (home-made loaves can be one third of the cost of a shop bought loaf).

It may seem odd to compare bread to websites, but not so, websites are no different, why opt for an off-the-shelf product full of ingredients that are not agreeable, an off-the-shelf website that anyone can buy, a product that is not fully fit for purpose and tastes the same as everything else?

Websites need to be ‘baked’ specifically to requirement, no additives, no rubbish. A website that feeds and nourishes the business effectively. A website which the company can ‘spread’ their quality content all over (sorry, we couldn’t help that one).

When you sit down next with your morning tea and toast, think about how a tailored website can enhance a company and potentially earn them more than just a crust.

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